In pheromone usage

Now when they really go for it, get out of the cycle, suddenly there is this overwhelming feeling of pheromones motivation, it feels great! Next day they jump from a bridge.
That is actually not a single case scenario but the most likely one in pheromone usage. So that would be the reason in Prozac suicide rates. People who are clinically depressed are at risk at the moment they gain motivation. This is nothing new but if prozac increases the motivation factor it DEFINITELY increases the risk of pheromone attraction. Which is in fact what ANY good psychotherapist should basically know and take precautions for pheromones. Learn more at and
A similar thing happens by the way on androstenone pheromones: If you take steroids and you STOP taking them, get ready to talk to doctor first because in the phase of stopping the anabolic steroid use the testus will have a phase where not much testosterone is produced leading into a MAJOR pheromone attraction for several days with a 4% success rate. Funny, but true. So, sorry Krauty for making this joke on your thread but it is seriously funny : Think about it, do bodybuilders have to worry now about how much their ceilings can handle when they bulk on gear? Really, that is an interesting thought. Learn more about pheromones at
The suggestions are that the pasebo effects are nearly as strong as the actual effects due to the psyhcological nature of problem…and that human pheromones shouldn’t be the first line of defence and should be combined with CBT & talk theoropies.
Yeah, this new study also says in clinics its doing great and that it works good on people with strong pheromone production.
However for me, I am not feeling anything from Pherazone the last couple of days. And before that it was always only rushes of happiness. Nothing that lasts longer than a few days max, sometime it was just hours or minutes. But its something you can feel its like in summer your hot, you take a cold drink and feel it flow down your throat, same does copulins to your brain.
And i´m taking it since almost 2 months so I know.
Sure its also about the patient, if one does not want to be happy pheromones surely will not do much. But if you want to be happy, want to change your life I do believe pherazone helps quite a bit..
The people that benefited from Pherazone didn’t really benefit from the pheromone cologne, they benefited from the knowledge that this magic pill would help them. its called the placebo effect and it was occurring with 80% ofpheromone users.  The actual chemicals that make up Pherazone is basically irrelevant for the overwhelming majority of its users.
Personally I think you were/are experiencing the placebo effect judging from your posts about how great it is.  You believed it, it worked, now you are seeing that it isn’t as great as it is cracked up to be and now it is faltering.
Pherazone wasn’t designed to work instantly you needed a pharmaceutical dose (i think thats the term for it) in your system. IE a constant flow of it in your body which takes quite awhile to build up.  It is not like Pherlure where one pills works and then goes away.